Dont get caught in the rain.
Any of your own designs combined with any wording of your choice
Only £4.99 each
Plus £2.00 per design.

No minimum quantity.

We can use your own photograph or design for an additional £2.00
For smaller individual orders using one of our designs click here
For larger society, company or business orders click here
First order the number of designs you are sending: £2 per design - then select Add

Select here the number of design(s) you are sending
If necessary, specify how many ponchos you require printing with each of your designs in here:

You only pay £2 for each photo you send regardless of how many poncho's you require with each design.
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Send your design,logo or photo to
or you can e-mail your designs/photo's later (there is an artwork e-mail link on the home page).
We will be able to match your designs to this order.
Second order the total number of Poncho's you require:- then select Add to Cart

Personalised Poncho's
£4.99 each
Qty Text on Poncho's (if required) Text Colour
Please Note: The poncho is a very basic plastic mac that will only provide basic cover in showers.

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